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About Lynne Capocciama

Lynne Capocciama is the Director of Estate Arts. Living in the Alton area of Roehampton for over 20 years, she knows the community intimately and understands their needs.


She prides herself on her reputation for getting things done - often with little support and minimal resources. Her work has been recognised throughout the community, winning a number of awards and featuring on BBC London.


Lynne says: “I am based on the Alton Estate - one of the 10% most deprived areas in the UK in the terms of income and housing. But it is home to some of the most caring and talented people I know, and I love calling this place home.


"It does have its challenges and I have seen at first hand the impact of the isolation felt by elderly residents, and the effect that the lack of support and opportunities for younger people has on our communities.


"I've dealt with situations of domestic violence, gang-related crime and various levels of trauma. I've supported neighbours through loss and tragedy. This all gives me a greater desire to succeed.”

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