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Supporting Roehampton

When the pandemic reached Roehampton, Lynne knew the need to help residents would be great and wanted to bring everyone together to work as one community. Estate Art delivered many projects through lockdown, including:

  • Roehampton Singalongs - a series of outdoor music events to over 250 residents to help reduce social isolation among elderly residents and those in sheltered accommodation

  • Art in Bubble - assesmbled and curated an art exhibition supporting 25 local artists by displaying their artwork created during lockdown in a local pub

  • School Christmas decorations - worked with several primary schools, providing art materials to create decorations that were placed in local shop windows

  • Food donations - supported local charity, Regenerate RISE, delivering food to elderly residents and establishing a network of local supermarkets to make sure a steady stream of food donations was available to help the most vulnerable.

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